Open Board Member Positions

Looking for a way to get involved?  MFLL has the following open board positions. Contact Sean Paterson if you are interested:

Player Agent - These board members work directly with coaches/managers.  They act as a liaison between the Board and Coaches/Families for their division.  Assistance is provided by the VP of Baseball or Softball, respectively, for any question or concern you cannot answer.  Additional events where attendance is required include (but are not limited to) draft nights, parent meeting, coach meetings.  Currently 4 positions open.

Marketing Coordinator - Design & create flyers for registration & player packets.  Promote MFLL thru various means such as press releases for local publications, Facebook, Twitter, Flyer Distribution, etc.  Include both public & parochial school districts. Work with Website Administrator & Sponsorship Coordinator. Works with Player Agents to recruit & retain players for the MFLL program.


If you are interested in becoming an Umpire this season, register online using the player registration page and please email with any questions.

 Concession Cart Workers

If you are interested in driving the concession cart, please email

Snow Plow Service

We would like to offer a unique way for someone to earn hours - we are in need of Snow Plow service at the Complex.  If you have access to a plow and are willing to help us out, please contact Matt Schnickel at

Concessions Manager Positions

New for the 2019 Season!!

We are looking for 6 parents to fill the Concessions Manager positions for the 2019 season.  Please see below for job description and details.  If you are interested, reach out to Tiffany at

Concession Manager Duties:
  • 15 days consisting of up to 4 hour shifts per day.

  • Shifts will be rotated some during the week, some on the weekends(we can easily work with vacation schedules and work schedules)

  • Supervise volunteers (weekends will have two managers, weekdays only one manager on duty to cover both huts)

  • Prepping food (placing food in slow cookers and maintaining the amount of food in slow cookers, pizzas in warmers, pretzels, etc.)

  • Showing volunteers how to use point of sale system

  • Showing volunteers food order presentation(pictures will also be up on the inside of the stands)

  • Making sure of safe food handling (wearing gloves when needed, washing hands, clean work areas, etc).

  • Assisting volunteers during busy times of food orders.

  • Assisting Volunteers in cleaning up concession stand at the end of the day (cleaning, putting food away, and stocking beverage coolers)

What you get in return: You will be reimbursed ONE regular season MFLL player registration and all family volunteer hours will be fulfilled with this position ($350 Value!!)

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